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Raylan at home


Sophie spring playtime

We Sometimes Have Puppies Available



Our puppies are only available to individuals, never to pet stores.  All puppies are up to date on their shots and worming.



We will hold a young puppy until it is old enough to go to their new home at 12 weeks with a deposit.




Our Companion Puppies are AKC registered and sold with Limited/Non-breeding papers.

About Us


Our Maltese

 Kryzma Maltese in Texas is a small in-home breeding program of AKC registered Maltese.  

Our Maltese are part of our family and live in our home.
We are located in the Texas Hill Country near San Antonio.
Maltese have been a part of our lives since a wonderful little guy we called Albert came to live with us in 1974.
Our adult Maltese are AKC Champions or bred from Champions.  




Past Experiences

Throughout our lives we have been involved  with a variety of other animals and dog breeds.
For 10 years, we enjoyed breeding and showing Miniature Horses.  Breeding horses taught us that to breed quality you had to start with quality.  

There has always been something special about Maltese that kept drawing us back to the breed we love.



Tonia Holibaugh of Rhapsody Maltese came with highest  recommendations as a Maltese breeder and handler.  Not only was Tonia  one of the top Maltese breeders and handlers, she lives less than 2  hours from us.  We are so lucky that a breeder with Tonia’s reputation  would share her experience, expertise and dogs with us.  
We have companion puppies available from time to time, maybe one of them will be perfect for you.  They are all wonderful !

Our Maltese Family













Kryzma Companion Puppies

Part of the Family


A puppy is a major commitment and adding a puppy to your family should be carefully thought through. Maltese typically live 12-15 years.
There is nothing quite like the honor of being owned by a Maltese.  Their devotion and loyalty are second to none.
Our puppies are raised in  our home and each one is taught the things we would want them to know if  they were going to stay with us.  



Maltese are small dogs and often mature  slower than other breeds.  For that reason, we do not rush weaning and  our puppies stay with us until we feel they have all the skills they  need to enjoy going to their new home. They receive their shots and are  wormed regularly.
From an early age, our  puppies interact with people of all ages, from grandparents to  grandchildren and all ages in between.   They are allowed to play with  puppies their own age and gradually are introduced to the teenage and  adult dogs in our family.

So Much to Learn


We also work on the  other skills we would want a dog to have if he were going to continue to  live in our home.  We start on housebreaking as soon as they  can grasp the concept.  We have a schedule for eating, going potty  and playing. We also work on leash & crate training.  Since grooming  is part of being a Maltese; bathing, nail clipping and brushing are a  regular part of life.
All  this means that when your puppy comes home to live with you, he will be  well on his way to becoming a happy member of your family. 

The Maltese Breed


Maltese Characteristics

The  Maltese descends from one of the most ancient dog breeds to be found in  recorded history. It has been estimated that the breed originated  around 8,000 years ago.
Maltese are considered a relatively healthy breed when purchased from a reputable breeder.
The  Maltese Dog weighs from 3 to 7 pounds and has a long silky coat of hair  with no undercoat. The hair is pure white, or cream in color, and hangs  evenly down each side.  Other characteristics of the Maltese are a  slightly round skull; a black nose; drooping ears generously covered  with  long hair; very dark, alert-looking eyes; short, straight legs;  and a graceful, well-feathered tail.  Visit the AKC website for the  complete AKC Maltese Breed Standard.
It  isn’t enough that Maltese are irresistible little fluff balls.  They  are intelligent, playful, little companions, who have no idea that that  are small.  They are one of the most intelligent and most trainable of  the toy breeds.
Maltese  are small and do not require a lot of space for exercise and "bathroom"  activities. They are smart, loving dogs that love to play. They also  enjoy watching TV with us in the evenings while being brushed.
They  are also very portable. Ours love motor home trips, rides in the golf cart or even short trips  to the bank  (they give treats at the drive thru). The ball park where  our grandsons play baseball is also one of their favorites. They are  very happy to sit on a lap and watch the game.